Christ’s sufficiency

It is very import that we realize the importance of this doctrine. If we have a godly perspective on life and have eternity as our goal the things both good and bad in this life must be viewed as transitory and just short lived. By trusting in God for all our needs and remedies we will develop the genuine contentment the Bible teaches. This is not a natural fleshly response to our interaction with life’s incidents and conditions. It is learned through drawing on the Spirit for comfort and guidance. Remember that one of the Fruits of the Spirit is Joy (Galatians 5:22) and that is a deep-rooted godly comfort that the world cannot give us. We must realize how blessed we are and enjoy our salvation and destiny regardless of our condition here. This must be continually taken this into account, as the enemy will always attempt to steal our joy and contentment replacing it with fretting, anxiety and fear.