On the 10th of Av of 591 B.C. some of the elders of Israel came to Ezekiel recognizing his prophetic abilities and desiring that he connect with God for them. It is not given exactly what these men asked Ezekiel but from God’s response in this chapter is appears they may not have been genuinely pious. Certainly the people they represented had abandoned their worship of God. These elders might have been divided in their loyalties. God recognizes their true nature and that of the people of Israel and is about to remind the nation through them of the history of rebellion and the necessity of judgment He meted out to them. God tells Ezekiel to essentially be harsh with them and ask them if in fact they are really coming seek Him. God is harsh and does not like they way they are coming to Him when He says that, “I will not be inquired of by you.” It is clear that He does not think they are worthy to petition Him due to their sinful history. He will go on in the chapter to recall all the various general rebellions in which they engaged against Him.

The chapter will conclude with their national restoration and the renewal of properly worshipping .