The people of Israel would endure a period of time without any form of civil government of their own and being subject to the kings and princes of other nations into which God had placed them. During that time the Jews would lose their ability to worship in the manner in which they were accustomed (without ephod or ephod).Then the people of Israel would return to the land of Israel and seeking Jehovah and David their king. (The Messiah who would be a descendent of King David upon whose throne He would sit).

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the conception of the ingathering of the exiles has been the phenomenon of the immigration of over one million Jews from over 100 countries to the State of Israel. This section of Scripture is telling the Jews that God will gather them out of all the nations into which He has scattered them. However he says that this gathering will be accompanied with His wrath poured out.