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It seems that all reports of the difficult battles on the front of the fighting in the southern city of Daraa fail to describe the whole story.

Reports of more and more casualties among the Syrian and Hizbullah forces and Iranian militias are constantly flowing.

* – A report from the last few hours: Today, Hezbollah forces on the Daraa front suffered another six fatalities. The situation there is so difficult that some claim that a number of high-ranking officers simply fled the fighting zone.
Important heavy losses of the Party of God and Iranian militias in the battles of Daraa – information arrived shortly before the killing of 6 Hezbollah and the escape of top officers from the battle

* – The Turkish news agency Al-Anatul reported that the funerals of eight Iranian Revolutionary Guards killed in battles in Syria were held in Iran today.

Anatolia News Agency – On Tuesday, eight members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were killed in Syria

* It is worth noting that the most senior Druze officer in the Syrian army, Izzam Zuhair a-Din, wrote via his Facebook page to the heads of the army to rethink the entire campaign in the Dar’a region because of the enormous and unbearable number of casualties suffered by the Syrian army. The Druze official complains that the Russian air support to the ground forces is ineffective and that all the fighting strategy on this front must be rethought.

A picture of an entire cell of the Syrian army that was liquidated in Daraa in an attempt to break through the front lines:

* A spokesman for the organization for the liberation of the rebels’ huran claims that since the beginning of the battle over the Manshiyya neighborhood of Daraa, about 250 soldiers have been killed, including 100 Iranian officers and advisers.

* – A pile of Syrian army casualties is being evacuated from the compound of the Air Defense Battalion, which was once again occupied by the rebel forces.