Our ambition is to give people a broad overview of every New Testament book before the student gets bogged down in myopic details. Our goal in creating these video summaries was originally for children in Sunday school at our church to be given a brief overview of every book of the Bible. We have a heart for these children because, with few exceptions, they really are not learning the Word of God elsewhere. We believe that the only real hope for the future of our nation is for the next generation to understand God’s Word. In the process of creating these videos, we have received many correspondences indicating that adults have found them helpful in their personal studies as well. To this, we say Praise the Lord! I want to thank my wife who has shouldered most of the burden for this project. I have the easy job of talking into a camera for a few minutes. She is the one that produced the animation, visuals, and background music that accompany each video. For those unfamiliar with the process, as I was when we first began, her part can take several hours per video. Please pray for us as we seek God’s timing and will concerning next covering the 39 Old Testament books, only after a season of much needed rest!