Washington plans to leave the organization in order to save money and protest against what is perceived as anti-Israeli policy, according to a report on the website “Foreign Policy.” A notice of departure may come as early as next week


The United States plans to officially quit UNESCO, the foreign policy website said Thursday night. According to the report, the announcement of leaving the organization may come as early as next week. Behind the expected retirement are economic motives and a protest against anti-Israel policy.

“Foreign Policy” reported that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson decided on the move a few weeks ago and told French President Emmanuel Macaron that the United States was considering withdrawing from the organization. The US State Department asked to wait until retirement after a new director was elected. “We hope that the United States decides to remain in UNESCO,” said Francois Delter, the French ambassador to the United States.

Nicky Hailey, US Ambassador to the United Nations

 Nicky Hailey, US ambassador to UN   Photo: Reuters 


In July , US Ambassador to the UN Nicky Hailey said that Washington was considering continuing its ties with the organization. “The UN vote on Hebron is tragic on several levels,” Hayley said, “This is an insult to history, which undermines the trust required for the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians” . “The resolution also undermines the credibility of a dubious UN agency. This is a vote that causes more harm than good. We will continue to examine the continuation of our relations with the agency in question. ”


This would not be the first time that the United States has withdrawn from UNESCO – the Reagan administration abandoned the organization in 1984, citing corruption and a bias toward the Soviet bloc. In 2002, the United States rejoined the organization.