A Lebanese deputy on Monday denounced the anti-Israel provocations of pro-Hezbollah President Michel Aoun .

“It is possible that Israel, encouraged by the United States, opts for the military choice, and that is the worst thing that could happen to us. The damage will be enormous and, given the current crisis and the conflicts in the region, I do not think anyone can help us rebuild the country. It will be a real disaster, “warned Tripoli MP Moustapha Allouche, questioned by L’Orient-Le Jour.

“What is certain is that during the last two or three years, Israel has been working to cut Hezbollah’s supply lines, especially in Syria. If the Hebrew state decides to intervene militarily, its striking will be strategic, “he added.

The Lebanese president, elected last October, is a former Christian general, allied to the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.

Since his election, the Lebanese leader has multiplied the warlike provocations against Israel. Mr. Aoun asserted at his inauguration that “the fight against Israel is a national priority”.