Zanzibar — Authorities here have joined academicians and students to pressurise the international community to support the Palestinians who are struggling against illegal Israelis occupation of their land and related suppressions.

“It is almost a half century now since the Palestinians have struggled for their independence. They want freedom and long-lasting peace, stability, and respect with its neighbours,” different speakers at a gathering organised by the UN to commemorate the ‘International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People’ said here yesterday.

The Palestine Day is annually marked on November 29, since the UN approved it in 1977, but this year’s commemoration in Tanzania was pushed to yesterday, and held at the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), Tunguu, South Unguja Region.

Main speakers who attended the occasion included SUZA Vice- Chancellor, Professor Idrisa Rai and the Minister of State, Second Vice-President’s Office, Mr Mohamed Aboud Mohamed, who pointed out that Tanzania remains committed in supporting the Palestinians’ to search for their freedom.

They appealed to states, international pressure groups, and individuals to help bring peace between Israeli and Palestine and end violation of human rights including denial of freedom to the Palestinians.

UN Sub-Office in Zanzibar head person, Ms Anna Senga, also said at the occasion that concerted efforts should be in place to bring peace and freedom to the Palestinians and its neighbours.

She quoted the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s statement of the Palestine Day that: “We continue to extend our hand in peace, emphasising that Israel must reciprocate that commitment, recognise the State of Palestine and work towards resolving all final status issues.”