That which is born of the flesh is flesh. (John 3:6)



In the final analysis, we are all made of the same flesh – that which belongs to the old creation in Adam. Built into that nature is the same potential for sin. But because each of us are born into a different family, into a different environment, and exposed to different situations – with differing temperaments — we each develop our flesh uniquely. Our personal choices also mold and shape our flesh, but in the end, it IS flesh. We each have a unique version of the SAME fallen man or flesh nature. And this is all we can ever have and ever be, as to nature, if left to ourselves.

There are those who are born into a terrible family. They are abused. Perhaps they have a unhealthy gene pool. Maybe they are born with a strong tendency towards this or that manifestation of the flesh. Others have willfully indulged themselves in those tendencies – they know it is wrong. But the question is NOT whether our, “version,” of the flesh is worse than another. Nor is the question HOW we got there. The question is what we are going to do about it. No matter what damage life has dealt us, and no matter how unfair it is, no matter how much others have damaged us, and no matter how much to blame we are for what ails us, the solution is the same: New life in Jesus Christ.

God offers us the opportunity to renounce the old life — no matter how it got into the shape it is in. It is never too late, and it does not matter what has happened — it is always possible to relinquish the old life and to embrace Jesus Christ. The ONLY solution is ALWAYS offered, and freely given.

One of most lame excuses today is that, “I am the way I am because I was born that way” – leading to the conclusion that I should just accept is and indulge myself. No. We are all, “born that way,” in the sense that we are all born with a sin nature and have SOME version of the flesh. Jesus came to deliver us from the old creation — from EVERY manifestation of the flesh. All of us need to be BORN AGAIN. None are excluded.