BREAKING: Vomiting people rushed to hospital during ‘chemical incident’ in south London

VOMITING homeowners have been rushed to hospital over fears of a chemical incident in south London

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A chemical incident in Lee has sent people to hospital

Alwold Crescent, in Lee, was placed on lockdown after emergency services sped to the residential street amid concerns of a chemical reaction.

Paramedics rushed several people to hospital after witnesses said a number of locals suffered a bad reaction to an unknown substance on Sunday morning.

Taxi driver Ian Crouch, 39, told the Sun online: “I could see the emergency services outside my house.

“When I spoke to a policeman he said there were people complaining of irritation, who had been throwing up all morning.

“They’ve been rushed into hospital.

“He said they were investigating whether it is terror related, but told us not panic.

“It sounds like we might get evacuated from our homes.

“They think it’s coming from the sewage system.”

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