As we all know, ALL is inclusive of everything with not one thing left out. All lacks nothing. It is complete. With that in mind, I saw how in Colossians 1:15-23, the word ALL appears nine times referring to the Lord Jesus Christ. Can there be any doubt as to the place and supremacy of Christ alone!

1:15&16 “…firstborn of ALL creation because in Him were created ALL things..”
1:16 “…ALL things through Him and for Him have been created.”
1:17 “And He is before ALL things and in Him ALL things consist”
1:18 “… so that in ALL things He might be holding first place…”
1:19 ”For God was pleased to have ALL His fulness dwell in Him.”
1:20 “And through Him to reconcile ALL things unto himself…”
1:23 “…the hope of the good news which you heard proclaimed in ALL creation under the heaven”

Just for good measure: “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us ALL things?” (Rom. 8:30) Sounds as if Christ is in us that we don’t need anything else added. We just need to believe and grow to know Him.