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When a number of divisions are concentrated near one combat front, this is a matter of concern in the intelligence services of neighboring countries.

When four Syrian divisions were concentrated near the Syrian city of Dar’a in southern Syria, both Israel and Jordan were forced to increase their observation of this area in any case.

Many eyewitness accounts have confirmed that unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel and Jordan are constantly patrolling the Daraa and Quneitra districts to closely monitor the movements of the Syrian divisions and the ground forces affiliated with them.

Photo published for the Hudna regime in Daraa. Washington welcomes and the Syrian opposition doubts

For several days now, fierce fighting has been taking place in the northern suburbs of the city of Daraa, and especially in the Al-Manashiya neighborhood, where Syrian forces are trying to recapture the neighborhood that was previously occupied by the rebel forces, while imposing a shameful military blow on the forces operating there. 

The television stations began the campaign to soften the target and the massive firing of hundreds of rockets and artillery shells, accompanied by massive air strikes by both the Syrian air force and the Russian air force.

Later, they began to move toward the Palestinian refugee camp located in the northern suburbs of the city, while the houses of the camp were crushed to dust.

However, the rebel forces belonging to the southern army, which is run by the Almukh commando in northern Jordan, were not prepared to give the Syrian army and its affiliates a light battle. 

With stubborn resistance under a heavy barrage of fire on which they prevented any ground achievement by the Syrian army, causing heavy losses to the attacking forces.

After a few days of intense fighting, the Syrian army decided to declare two days of respite from fighting for the “good of” the citizens living in the city.

But it turns out that not everything is normal within the Syrian army.

Reports received from the front tell of serious differences of opinion between the command of the Armored Corps and the Syrian internal security forces, who also operate in the sector,

The differences of opinion reached exchanges of fire and local battles. 

Yesterday, from a single source, it was reported that a whole battalion of TV 4, with its full equipment, had abandoned its frontline and began moving toward Damascus. 

The escape of a battalion full of equipment belonging to the fourth division of Daraa towards Damascus after sharp differences and clashes with the branch of military security today noon ..

Reports have now expanded, including reports of the departure of convoys of the 4th Division and the Republican Guard Division as well as of Iranian militias from the Daraa area towards Damascus.

The fourth band, the Republican Guard and the Iranian mercenaries in Daraa are dragging their heels towards Damascus. Do not accept any truce, heroes of Houran.

It is not clear which part of the group leaves or leaves the field of battle on Daraa, and it is also unclear why the sudden abandonment occurred. 

It is possible and we expect some turnaround in the events in the region or some intelligence information came to warn the Syrian regime that forced it to hasten military units to the Damascus area to protect the area from a clear and immediate danger. 

time will tell!!

Photo published for Jordan welcomes cease-fire in Daraa |  Reverse BIOSPhoto published for four military teams attacking Daraa