Scripture tells us that Christ must be formed in us. This means God wants us to inwardly realize and know Christ. But it is vital to also grasp what it does NOT mean. To have Christ formed in me is not SELF-realization. The goal of God is not to bolster self-esteem, help me find the, “real me,” or to enhance my focus on MYSELF. Actually, the more Christ is formed in me, the more I will be set free from my obsession with myself. I will leave myself alone. Why? Because I will see HIM. He is just that great.

Christianity is not self-knowledge. It is Christ-knowledge. Neither is Christianity a matter of God making us to look LIKE Jesus – so that we can take pride in ourselves, or finally be at ease with ourselves. Christianity is Christ IN US, manifesting Himself through us. In a word, it is exactly what Paul said, “Yet NOT I, but CHRIST.” (Gal. 2:20)

But what I am describing is utterly contrary to our natural make-up. We barely even have a frame of reference for this Truth. Yet all of it is accomplished, not by fixing what ails us so that we look like Jesus. It is accomplished if we DIE, and if we are raised – then come to realize HIM. Once we begin to know the Truth, we will be set free from our continual fussing with ourselves. We can walk with HIM.