In this video Dr Woodhead discusses how Adam knew Chavah (Eve) a woman and she conceived and begat Cain. Because the word knew is past tense it is quite probable that the intercourse and pregnancy occurred prior to sin entering the world. The Jewish rabbis believe that both Cain and Abel were born before the sin of their parents. Because of the fact that Eve delineates a man as the child she must have had other children and some of those had to be females. We will see in our next session that Cain had a wife (Genesis 4: 17). The most interesting aspect of this verse is the fact that our translators found it necessary to insert the words “with the help of” into the text. It is not there in the original Hebrew text. The Hebrew text simply reads, “She acquired a MAN GOD.” Word for word translations will insert the non-Hebrew words into the verses to smooth the text for the English language readers. They have included the words “the help of” in italics or in parenthesis so as to separate out the Hebrew literal text from what has been added. However, the word “with” is not in the Hebrew either even though translators include it in the Hebrew text.