During the life of Abraham the most influential dynasty in Egypt was in control. It was Dynasty XI of Thebes. It endured for 143 years between 2035 and 1892 B.C. The most powerful ruler during the course of this dynasty’s duration was Mentuhotpe II. He ruled a period of fifty-one years from 1962 to 1911 B.C. (The Turin Canon papyrus). These fifty-one years are during the time when Abraham moved to Canaan. The text says that Abram and his entourage went up out of Egypt. It actually means that he went north into the southern region of Israel. He left Thebes the Ancient capital where pharaoh’s court was located. He went through the Negev or desert area also known as the wilderness.What follows here is an explicit example of the deep nature of Abram’s faith. This is one of the best in the Bible. Even though Abram sinned greatly he knew that Jehovah’s promises were assured. The conflict that we are about to examine demonstrates that Abram was internally satisfied and Lot was externally driven. The assurance of the promises of God vs. the drive for the material is acted out here. The spiritual comfort of Abram juxtaposed to the material physical motivators of Lot.