This intercessory prayer of Abraham is the finest example in the Bible. It shows how the righteous men of the world can approach the God of the Universe to request Him to do according to His nature. God says to Abraham that He will go down to Sodom due to their grievous sins and will do to then according to what they have done. Vengeance belongs to God and all sins are against God. He will repay (Deuteronomy 32: 35, 41; Judges 11: 36; Psalms 58: 10; 94: 1 etc.). The Angel of the Lord (Preincarnate Jesus) stays with Abraham while the two angels go to Sodom. Once he was alone with God Abraham drew near to Him (vs. 23), which indicates a worshipful relationship. No doubt Abraham’s motives were driven by his concern for his nephew Lot. Abraham appealed to the love and grace of a holy God, which had been manifest to him in previous encounters against the unrighteous sinners in Sodom. Abraham knowing God asked a rhetorical question in verse 23 Wilt thou consume the righteous with the wicked