The latest round of Hezbollah threats against Israel reached a new peak on Thursday, March 2, with the release of a videotape claiming to reveal nine locations supposedly linked to the production and assembly of nuclear weapons by Israel, Reports Debkafile . The Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization claims to be in possession of precision missiles to remove all of Israel’s nuclear infrastructure from the map and includes addresses of all its alleged targets.

Five locations are at the top of this list, starting with Dimona’s nuclear reactors in southern Israel and Nahal Soreq on the Mediterranean coast. The remainder of these “revelations” concern three secret locations for the production, assembly and storage of nuclear warhead missiles. Kfar Zacharia near Beit Shemesh in the Jerusalem Hills is defined as the main repository of Jericho I, II and III missiles, three-stage ballistic missiles, which can reach distances of more than 6,000 kms.

Two other sites would correspond to a plant in Beer Yaakov, near the town of Ramleh, in central Israel, the so-called center of nuclear warhead production, according to Hezbollah; And the “Wing of Galilee-20” site, in the Tefen Industrial Park, 17 kms from the city of Carmiel, an installation where the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Aurorite is supposed to mount nuclear warheads on missiles Ballistics and prepare them for launch.

The video insists that Hezbollah would now possess precision missiles capable of surgically striking and destroying each of these installations.

Just two weeks ago, Nasrallah “advised” Israel, in a very aggressive speech, to dismantle its vast reservoir of Haifa Ammonia and its Dimona nuclear reactor before Hezbollah targets them with Its rockets and that it does not cause massive human losses. He and his associates have repeatedly warned over the last few weeks that the Lebanese terrorist group has acquired weapons capable of deterring Israel, as well as the ability to completely take by surprise all intelligence services Of Israel, by reserving “surprises” for them.

In previous articles, Debkafile reported on the heightened bellicosity of Hezbollah leaders as a result of Bashar al-Assad’s recent authorization to Hezbollah to launch its missile launches against Israel from Syrian territory as well as from Lebanon.

Our sources of military intelligence and anti-terrorism draw a straight line between Hezbollah’s latest posture and the aggressiveness that this week’s Palestinian Islamist group, which leads the Gaza Strip, regained this week.

On Thursday, March 2, Hamas spokesmen said the group would no longer exercise restraint in its rebuke against heavy Israeli air strikes and artillery, which are being carried out in retaliation for rocket attacks from Gaza. Now Hamas should pursue a policy of “military position against military position” – meaning that for any Hamas position destroyed by Israel, Palestinian extremists should strike an Israeli military site of comparable importance.

Hamas’s new position challenges the defense minister Avigdor Lieberman’s strategy of holding the Hamas government responsible for all attacks from the Palestinian enclave – whether it’s Hamas’s work Or that of extremist Salafists who have taken root there.

On 27 February, the Israeli Air Force smashed five Hamas targets in the northern, central and southern parts of the enclave after a rocket exploded in Israel from Gaza. The IDF did not respond to the rocket fired, then, against the area of ​​Hof Ashkelon. But after a new round of shootings from Gaza targeting IDF-owned equipment, the IDF struck two small Hamas sightings in the north.

Hamas had in fact given an ultimatum to the Minister of Defense: either he exercised restraint, or he continued the policy of massive retaliation against each rocket from the Gaza Strip – at the risk of undergoing a new cycle of fighting against Hamas. Lieberman seems to have opted for the first proposal for the time to come.