Spokesman for Houthi military threatens military response to any ships entering Yemen waters; Boasts of advanced missile capabilities; Refers to America a “ghoul that frightens nations”

In an interview aired on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar, a spokesman for the Houthi Military warned against any ships entering Yemen’s territorial waters, regardless of its nationality, threatening military action, predicting the Iranian clash with the United States will be in Yemen.

The spokesman, Sharaf Luqman, who referred to the United States as a “ghoul that frightens nations”, threatened a military response if any ships enter Yemen’s waters. He stated “We have said that any ship, any destroyer or frigate that enters our territorial waters will be targeted regardless of nationality. We do not are if it belongs to the US, to France or to any other country.”

He stated that “They are all countries that are part of the aggression, and this entire war, from the outset, has been American par excellence, even if carried out by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the Arabs.” He also claimed that the United States is behind this “war” and that “They are all hired hands in the American war. We are fighting America, that ghoul that frightens nations, does not scare us… They are aggressor, no matter what, and we consider their armies and their forces to be more than cardboard armies.”

Luqman stated that Yemen does not care about America or about its European or Arab agents,” and that “Allah willing, we can withstand them.” He claimed that “If they stop their aggression, we will stop firing our missiles. But if not, we will progress to the next stage and we shall strike a blow that is harsher and more painful,” announcing that Yemen has “capabilities we have not yet revealed. We have missiles that we have produced or developed and that are still in our depots. We will bring them out in the coming days, according to the need and the circumstances.”

The spokesman also boasted of Yemen’s advanced missile capabilities and advances, much of which is manufactured entirely in Yemen. He spoke of Yemen’s “strategic arsenal of various types of missiles” that included only short-range missiles” announcing however that “we have developed then and even systems designed as anti-aircraft missiles, like SAM’s, we have managed to convert them into Qaher and Al-Sarkga missiles.

He stated that Yemen’s Al-Sarkha missiles was “100% locally manufactured” adding that “We have developed them, converting them into surface-to-surface missiles.” He also reported that its Scud missiles which had a range of 350 kilometers no has a range of 850 kilometers “Thanks to our Yemeni knowhow”.

He also announced that there would soon be information released about its Burkan missiles “which are also entirely manufactured in Yemen,” stating “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse and reveal details about it,” reporting that “Our strategy is to postpone this until the time is ripe to reveal the details.”


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