The aircraft carrier “George HW Bush” will anchor from July 1 in Haifa bay for four days for the first time since the outbreak of the second intifada, the ship is about 20 stories high and 333 meters long, And two vessels are operated on the ship
For the first time in 17 years, a US aircraft carrier will be stationed at the beginning of next month in Haifa Bay.

The length of the ship is 333 meters, and the length of the flight is 200 meters. It rises 20 stories above sea level and is powered by two nuclear reactors.

The aircraft carrier has about 80 fighter planes, as well as helicopters and various weapons to defend the ship itself. The ship employs approximately 5,700 soldiers, about 2,500 of whom belong to the Air Force. The rest are considered crew members of the ship.

The giant ship, named after former US President George W. Bush, will dock in the Gulf on July 1. She is scheduled to stay in Haifa for four days, during which her people will mark US Independence Day on July 4

Due to its size, the aircraft carrier can not enter the port itself, and therefore a large part of the operation is to transport crew members from the ship to the beach, and to conduct tours
to the port.

When the sailors arrive at the beach, dozens of buses will be waiting to take them to the city, and dozens of additional buses will transport sailors who will be interested in other sites and cities throughout the country.

In the days that followed, the ship would become a pilgrimage site for heads of state and defense establishment, some of whom would even arrive by direct flight.