No injuries or damage reported when ammo explodes in Israeli territory; army says it identified direct hit on enemy position

February 9, 2017

IDF fired on a Syrian government position in the Golan Heights Wednesday night after a tank shell landed in Israeli territory.

The tank shell caused no injuries or damage. It occurred during reported clashes between Syrian government and rebel forces in the villages of Ufaniya and Hamidiya in the demilitarized zone.

Syrian government forces were also shelling the village of Hamidiya with artillery.

The IDF said it retaliated by firing on a Syrian army position, and identified a direct hit. It didn’t specify how it attacked the Syrian position, but pro-government Syrian media said Israeli helicopters attacked the position, causing damage but no injuries.

Israel has repeatedly stated it holds the Syrian government responsible for all errant fire, regardless of the source, if it lands on the Israeli side of the demilitarized zone. However, in the past, the army has also noted that it “will not hesitate to act against any opposition forces in Syria.”

Times Of Israel