Last July, media reports revealed that Iran was building missile factories in Syria. Following the reports, ISI’s Intelligence department went out to investigate the allegations. The findings are surprising.

 “In Zamanalwsl.net’s first report, on June 28, 2017, it stated that this new facility had been constructed in Wadi Jahannam and that it is under direct Iranian oversight”, The MEMRI report said. “According to the report, the construction of the facility, which is located in Wadi Jahannam near the coastal city of Baniyas, began about a year ago, and it will begin operating at the end of this year.”


According to high-resolution images of the Eros-B satellite, the findings show that Syria is building missile factories with great similarity

to missile factories in Iran. A comparison of pictures shows that the factory near the Banias in Syria is very similar to an Iranian missile factory near Tehran.


According to ISI’s intelligence team, the site still under construction includes one entrance that leads to the road to the site.

The site includes administration area, production area and storage area.


The site also has an area that is apparently dedicated to the production of ammunition.


There is no doubt that the reports from last month regarding missile factories in Iran were correct. According to ISI’s analysis, the Syrians,

with high certainty, are building missile factories which are very similar to missile factories in Iran.


What is the Iranian involvement in the missile factories? This is a question that must be addressed to the intelligence services.