The day before yesterday, a large-scale Egyptian operation to purify northern Sinai and its center of Da’as began.

The operation won the creative name “Mice Hunt.”

As part of the operation, Egyptian army forces began on Tuesday with significant assistance from the Tarabin tribe to “hunt” the Da’as mice.

The operation this time is not like its predecessors. Sources close to the Egyptian army report that the intelligence unit of the Egyptian army, which deployed advanced technical equipment, has been brought to the region. According to these sources, the exact location of the Da’ash personnel in Sinai is based on the special signal of short-range Kenwood and Motorola radios used by the Chinese Daa”s (smuggled in the same shipment)
(I’ve included photos here of one of the devices and the use of Daa”s Chinese video).
According to sources with new technical equipment of the tactical radio Daa”s telltale GPS device has become the user’s location which allows Hit him from the air.

The operation is accompanied by public relations Many Egyptians and the night reported that the Egyptian air force was eliminated five of the senior officials of the organization Ansar Beit al-Maqdas – Daas Sinai.

Icing on the cake this time he reports from sources in North Sinai, arrived today in the morning between the hours of three and five – that the Israeli aircraft – drones and fighter jets attacked two buildings in Rafah and soon also other targets south of Sheikh Zuweid.
According to reports These attacks on Sheikh Zweid resulted in the deaths and injuries. The number of dead and wounded has not been reported, but at least some are killed.
In total, they noted that the Israeli aircraft attacked early in the morning, over 10 times in Sheikh Zweid and Rafah, both in the northern Gaza Strip.

Da’ash reported that during these two hours and in the hours prior to the attacks, UAVs from the border with Israel were observed in the attack zones.

I must note that this is one of the few times that I have encountered reports in which the reported Israeli air strikes are carried out in the course of an extensive Egyptian ground operation involving many Egyptian army forces on the ground.

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