DEBKAfile July 16, 2017, 6:51 PM (IDT)

After talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Paris Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the Temple Mount terror attack that killed two Israel police officers, but warned that continued Jewish settlement construction threatened peace efforts for two states with Jerusalem their capital. “We share the same desire for a peaceful Middle East,” the prime minister said, but didn’t elaborate.
The spoke at a ceremony held at the Vel d’Hiv stadium near Paris to commemorate 75 years since French Jews were rounded up and deported to Nazi concentration camps.
The French president denounced France’s collaboration in the Holocaust. “Not a single German” was directly involved, Macron said, but French police collaborating with the Nazis. More than 76,000 Jews were deported from France to the Nazi camps. Few survived. French Jewish leaders hailed Macron’s speech Sunday.

Referring to terrorist attacks and rising anti-Semitism in France, Netanyahu said: “Recently we have witnessed a rise of extremist forces that seek to destroy not only the Jews, but of course the Jewish state as well, but well beyond that. … The zealots of militant Islam, who seek to destroy you, seek to destroy us as well. We must stand against them together.”

Pro-Palestinian and other activists protested Netanyahu’s appearance in Paris.