French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday accused the Israeli settlement of threatening the two-state solution.

“I reiterate my condemnation of the attack on Friday in Jerusalem but also the continuation of the colonization which threatens a two-state solution,” he told a joint press conference with Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

“France and Jordan share the same commitment to maintaining the status quo in the holy places of Jerusalem,” he added.

The status quo discriminates against the Jewish faithful. The status quo, in force since 1967, signed by Israel with Jordan and the Palestinian Waqf, provides that Jewish faithful have the right to visit the Temple Mount esplanade but not to organize prayers there.

Like his predecessor, the Head of State, with the Jordanian leader, hid the question of the extradition by Jordan of two suspects of the anti-Semitic attack on the Rue des Rosiers.

In 2016, the Jordanian court rejected the extradition to France of two suspects, including the alleged brain, of the attack on a Jewish restaurant in rue des Rosiers in Paris, which killed six people in 1982.

The alleged extradition of the brain, Jordanian-born Palestinian Souhair Mohamed Hassan Khalid al-Abassi, was refused because an agreement between France and Jordan did not enter into force at the time of the suspect’s appearance The Jordanian justice system. Jordan will not hand over a second suspect, Nizar Tawfiq Mussa Hamada, because the limitation period has been exceeded.