The section of Scripture we are entering is an exposition of the Temple that will exist during the future Messianic Kingdom. The coming Kingdom was known for many ages by the nation Israel and revealed extensively throughout the Old Testament prophets in all of the aspects of it that God chose to provide us. The Scriptures cannot be fully understood without a fundamental knowledge of the kingdom. It is a fact, attested by a multitude of works, and constantly presented throughout the chronological time line of the Bible.

The Jews in the New Testament times knew that a Messiah or anointed one who would rule the earth during this period was coming. They further knew that when He appeared as Scripture had explain He would set up the kingdom for the nation Israel. Very little information regarding the Kingdom is revealed regarding this Kingdom in the New Testament other than the duration of one-thousand years which, is given six times in Revelation chapter twenty and how it would end with the restoration of the eternal Order. The Old Testament prophets knew it When Jesus appeared during His first advent he stated that He was the Messiah.