In a message broadcast by the North Korean state-owned media, Pyongyang blames Washington for the current crisis and calls for Washington to “speak and act properly,” while threatening that its “military can fight any war the US wishes.

Avital Zippel

Despite the reports of back channel talks between Washington and Pyongyang, the public battle of rhetoric between the two nuclear powers continues. Saturday morning, the American ABC broadcasting network quoted the North Korean state-owned media that sent a message stating that its military is ready at any given moment for an order to launch nuclear fire towards US territory. “If the Trump administration do not want that the American empire will find its tragic end during its term, it is best that they speak and act properly.”

The isolated state continues its rhetoric against the repeated threats made by US President Donald Trump, who stated yesterday that if the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un launches an attack against the US, “he will truly regret it and he will regret it fast.”


“The President and the rest of the American rabble declare a ‘military option’ against North Korea, claiming they do not ‘rule out war,’” the regime’s message stated. “Meanwhile they began bringing their nuclear abilities to the Korean Peninsula, while they are staging risky nuclear war games and vigorously increasing the tension in the entire region.”

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Kim Jong-Un Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

North Korea emphasized that Pyongyang should be treated with the respect it deserves for being a nuclear power. “The US carried out a long list of injustices against North Korea, while presenting itself as the ‘only superpower’ in the world. However, now it is standing before a deteriorating reality and instability of its security due to North Korea. This is a comedic tragedy it [the US] created on its own.”

The message ended with a threatening statement claiming that the north Korean military has “the ability to fight any kind of war that the US wishes for, and is prepared to launch fire towards US territory, awaiting a final order to carry out the attack.”

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