Above image: North Korea’s town Kaepoong seen from the unification observatory in Paju, South Korea, Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017. Source: PA

Jane’s has identified the launch site used by North Korea to test a road-mobile Pukkuksong-2 ballistic missile on the morning of 12 February.

Nick Hansen, a Jane’s contributor, previously identified the location to Jane’s as a site of interest. The site is located approximately nine kilometres north of Panghyon Airfield, where North Korea previously tested Musudan missiles in 2016.

Mr. Hansen identified the location as the Pukkuksong-2 launch site by comparing satellite imagery of the facility with footage released by North Korean state media detailing the launch.

Full detailed analysis and intelligence will be released in Jane’s Defence Weekly and Jane’s Satellite Imagery Analysis. To find out more click here.

Sean O’Connor, Principal Imagery Analyst, Jane’s by IHS Markit