“The conference was surprisingly postponed because they [France] said it had not completed all preparations…and some parties requested its postponement in order to participate in it,” the Palestinian Ambassador to France Salman Harfi told the Voice of Palestine, official PA radio, on Wednesday morning.

25 foreign ministers from the US, EU, and the Arab world attended a meeting in Paris in early June, where they reaffirmed their commitments to achieving a two-state solution.

Harfi plans to meet with French officials in the French Foreign Ministry and Presidency on Wednesday to discuss the new date for the conference and its expected agenda.

Israel has consistently said that it opposes holding an international peace conference in Paris.

“We supports bilateral talks and we know that the only way to make progress is by talking directly to the Palestinians, not introducing a multiplicity of factors,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told The Jerusalem Post in October. “If we participated in such a conference, we would have to cater to the interests of all the countries participating in the initiative, and some of those countries have anti-Israel positions. There’s absolutely no reason we should make those countries partners in this process.”

The last round of peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaderships collapsed in April 2014.

Harfi added that French officials informed him that the conference will now take place at the beginning of January.

The Palestinian leadership has vigorously lobbied for an international peace conference that includes multiple international parties, since the conclusion of the Iran nuclear deal in July 2015.

Harfi also said he is not certain if the Israeli and Palestinian sides will attend the conference.

“Invitations will be sent to everyone, but if Israel refuses to attend, the meeting will take place as it did last June without the two sides,” Harfi stated.