Israel Police forces arrested six Palestinians who were involved in the violent clashes between police and Muslims last night near the Temple Mount. A police officer was injured and treated at a local hospital. According to Palestinian reports, at least seven Palestinians were injured.

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Watch: Clashes between police and Palestinian rioters in Silwan (Video Credit: Shoagim Layamin)


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As reported on Monday by JOL News, dozens of Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces near the Temple Mount over the new security measures that were implemented following Friday morning’s terror attack. Palestinian media outlets reported that at least seven Palestinians were injured as a result of the clashes.

The Israel Police stated that an officer was injured by a stone in the Silwan neighborhood and received medical treatment at a hospital in Jerusalem. A police car was damaged during the riots as stones, Molotov cocktails and fireworks were hurled at the police forces. Six rioters were arrested.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Lion’s Gate in the Old City near the Temple Mount on Monday evening and refused to enter the holy site through the newly-installed metal detectors. The protesters shouted anti-police and anti-government slogans.

Protests continue at Temple Mount: “Know that Muhammad’s army is ready” 

Photo published for Protesters: “Jews, know that Muhammad’s army is ready”

Protesters: “Jews, know that Muhammad’s army is ready”

Dozens of Muslims continue to protest the heightened security measures at Temple Mount entrance: “Do not enter through the security barriers of the occupation, we will not accept any restriction.

Nizam Ali, a Muslim who came to the Temple Mount yesterday afternoon in order to protest against the new security measures, warned: “Jews, know that Muhammad’s army here is ready, we will sit strong here. We will not agree to any change here. Our strength is our resolution. Al-Aqsa is stronger than everyone including the corrupting occupation.”

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