JerusalemOnline received a four-page intelligence cable, which revealed that Jordanian intelligence forces in cooperation with Abu Mazen were mobilizing forces in order to start another intifada until the Donald Trump administration warned both regimes, thus assuring that such attempts “would open hells gates for them.”

According to Arab intelligence source, CIA head Mike Pompeo visited Abu Mazen after the US received intelligence that both the Palestinian Authority and Jordan’s King Abdullah II were planning a massive intifada against the State of Israel in order to prevent the Americans from relocating their embassy to Jerusalem. A source associated with the Jordanian Opposition stated that both Abu Mazen and the Jordanian King know that the embassy move will bring about their demise.

“There shall never be a Palestinian state in the West Bank without Jerusalem as its capital and also, the king has survived for almost two decades under the claim that if he goes down, Jerusalem would be lost to the Jews,” he added.  “The US moving the embassy to Jerusalem means there are no more excuses for both men to remain in power.” The source added that the Jordanian King confirmed the US intelligence reports regarding the intifada plans when he told US Vice President Mike Pence in DC last month that there would be protests and attacks against American interests: “He should have known that you do not threaten Trump.  You just don’t do that.”

A four-page intelligence cable that reached JerusalemOnline confirmed that as we speak, loyalists for Jordan’s king and intelligence agents were mobilizing forces in Hebron and Jerusalem. They were planning to launch protests in front of the American Embassy ahead of the US Embassy move. The plan was for these protests to occur alongside massive incitement in both the PA and Jordan. According to the report, the plan was to keep Trump so busy with the Palestinian intifada that he would view both Jordan’s king and Abu Mazen as indispensable.

Jordanian Palestinian dissident Mudar Zahran told JerusalemOnline: “The White House has sent a warning that if they do that, it will bring about their demise. We cannot tell what the head of the CIA told Abu Mazen but we know what Abbas and the king’s loyalists have been saying since the meeting. They are afraid, in shock and are doing everything so that an escalation won’t happen. They were not like that just one day before the meeting.”

According to Zahran, the Israeli intelligence has also confirmed this report: “The Israeli intelligence knows this is all true and also, let’s not forget that we warned about the Knife Intifada before it happened and even confirmed it would begin from Jerusalem.  Your site along with others have reported that with a hint of doubt then.   Sadly, it did come true.  Plus, none of this really takes a genius to figure out as Abbas, the King and Hamas have all used the same threat about the embassy move as if they were copying and pasting their press statements from one another.”

Zahran emphasized that this American response proves that US President Donald Trump is tough on terrorists and dictators: “I can assure Abbas, Abdullah II and Hamas, if they dare to push for a third intifada, it will now open hells gates for them from Israel, the US and even some Arab states.”  According to him, as a result of this meeting, another intifada won’t break out but that does not mean that small confrontations won’t flare up, which means more incitement and protests but less violence.

Jerusalem Online