Now when the population enter the Messianic Kingdom each one will have experienced true regeneration. Not easy beliefism. There is a major distinction. One is simply lip service and the other is a fully changed heart toward God coupled with repentance. In fact when the entire Nation Israel is “Saved” there will be a national confession of their sins, which will last for two days (Hosea 6:1-3)!
So the entire Nation of Israelites who confess their sins and believe that Jesus is who He said He was go into the Kingdom. All others die and some even by their own family’s hands (Zech 13: 2-6).
What about us? Who is regenerated? How do we know? What has the Bible commanded us to do concerning our salvation? The Bible teaches that salvation during the Church Age is accomplished by a belief in the Lord Jesus. This belief means more than what is seems on face value. Any one can say, “Sure I believe in Jesus”. That does not get us in to the Kingdom alone. The demons knew Jesus!