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Is the announcement published today by the Russian army base in northern Syria indicative of a sharp turnaround in their policy toward the fighting in Syria? 

Recently, the Russians have increased their air activity in Syria very much.

Hundreds of air strikes carried out by Russian air forces from a warm base tried to help the Syrian army and their allies tilt the scales in their favor on the various fronts.

For example, the Russian planes carried out hundreds of sorties that destroyed the civilian neighborhoods of Daraa, in addition to hundreds of heavy rockets fired by Syrian army artillery units on these neighborhoods, and despite this huge screen of fire, the ground forces of the Syrian commando, or what remains of it and from Hezbollah and the Shiite militias. Even managed to conquer one alley from the city.

Today, the spokesman for the Russian army at the Warm Base publishes the following statement:

The plan to reduce our presence in Syria is nearing completion, but it depends on the pace of government forces’ control of Syrian territory at the expense of terrorist organizations. Our presence will be limited to the Hameimim air bases and the Tartous naval base. Vladimir Shamanov.

“The end of the work on the plan to reduce our involvement in Syria is nearing completion, following the success of the Syrian army to take over vast areas of its land and re-perfume them from the terrorist organizations, and then we will limit our presence in Syria to only two bases: Tartus and the (air) navy.”

Are the Russians hinting at a comprehensive, imposed solution to Syria that is only part of it? 

That if the Russians were preparing to act in accordance with this plan, the entire campaign on southern Syria would be in their doubt that there was no situation in which the Syrian army and its allies would succeed in defeating the rebels without massive Russian air support. 

And not to mention that the United States would be able to supply the rebels with anti-aircraft weapons, which would enable them to neutralize the activities of the Syrian air force, thereby abandoning their ground forces against their advanced anti-tank weapons, which would prevent the armored units from operating in the urban area of ​​the city of Daraa.

So many new factors are constantly being added to the dynamic equation of forces so that we can not know what will happen in the near future and in any case we will monitor and report.