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The Saudi news agency reported that on Friday evening, June 16, at 20:20, three red and white boats entered the territorial waters and moved quickly towards the facilities of the Saudi Arabian oil field – Almarjan – coral on the Red Sea coast.

The Saudi naval forces, who saw them, succeeded in stopping the progress of the boats and even capturing one of them. The other two boats managed to escape under cover of darkness. The boat was seized by three crew members and weapons and was apparently on its way to carry out a terror attack. The captured crew members were transferred to the Saudi security forces for interrogation.

The Saudi Aramco gas field, located on the shores of the Red Sea, is about 50 kilometers north of the capital Jeddah and close to the Sudanese coast and about 700 km north of the Yemen border.

In my opinion, this is a penetrating intelligence squad that tried to enter the Saudi kingdom. Its discovery at night was made possible by advanced technological equipment used by the Saudis to secure their offshore oil and gas fields.