This long-awaited, nine-part series looks back at Israel’s history and forward into prophecy while remembering the present status of the Temple Mount, the most contested real estate on Earth. Throughout the series, we hear from Our Man in Haifa Eitan Shishkoff, and Zola Levitt’s music complements the narrative and scenes of Israel.
Episode: “The Place”
The Holy of Holies stood on a foundation stone called in Hebrew HaMakom (The Place). In exploring the ancient City of David we hear from knowledgeable guests, including archaeologist Eli Shukron and tour guide Hannah Ben Haim.


  1. Episodes in this series

    1. The Place
    2. Western Wall
    3. Southern Steps
    4. Kidron Valley
    5. Valley of Elah
    6. Ein Gedi
    7. Temple Mount
    8. Mount of Olives
    9. In the Meantime