Iran fears disclosure of secret annexes to nuclear agreement

Among the measures that President Donald Trump could take against Iran, failing to be able to cancel the agreement signed by the great powers, there would be the opening of the secret annexes of the agreement and their publication. The Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Iranian Parliament expressed his fears in this regard.

These annexes were mainly negotiated directly between the Obama administration and the Iranian regime, within the framework of the will of the former US president to sign an agreement at all costs. Although most of these annexes are still secret, some elements have filtered on their content: large ransoms paid by the United States in exchange for the release of American detainees in Iran, the principle of Iranian inspections on their own Installations, without the presence of inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (!!) and also the right to continue the research and development of ballistic missiles.

The provision of these annexes by Donald Trump could be part of an attempt by the US president to convince the other signatory powers or the UN to change their attitude towards Tehran in view of its incessant provocations and its hegemonic policy.