Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue their large-scale offensive in Raqqa province which comes as a second phase of the ‘Wrath of Euphrates’ military operation.

On Sunday, SDF troops backed by the US-led coalition’s air forces reached the bank of Euphrates river southwest of Tiyasah village effectively splitting territory held by the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) in two parts, with the western part now being completely besieged. According to a report by Kurdish media outlet, ANHA, a total of 54 villages located on a territory of 578 square kilometers stretched along the western bank of Euphrates are now isolated from the main ISIS forces to the east.

During their last weekend advance SDF troops managed to capture Bursinjar Al-Shimali, Bursinjar Al-Janoubi, Sehbah, Abu Al-Jallat, Khaji Suleiman, Hazum, Hassan Khaji and Muhammad Al Sheikh villages. Overall, 45 villages stretching over 440 square kilometers have been captured from ISIS terrorists so far.

According to ANHA correspondents following the ‘Wrath of Euphrates’ campaign, SDF command is now focused on Haniyah, Bir Zaher, Karawan, Bir Zayed, and Toyhana villages. Capturing them will allow to expand the buffer zone which separates the besieged area from ISIS “mainland”.

Map credits: Joene