To turn evangelism into that which tells people to ‘accept the Lord’ so that you can get your sins forgiven and go to heaven when you die, is to miss the mark of man’s true condition and absolute need of salvation. Man doesn’t just DO sin or wrong things. He is himself totally in darkness, an unfit creature to live with or even look upon the holiness of God. The truth is that man is dead and needs life; he is blind and needs light; he is utterly lost and needs the way; he lives a lie and needs the truth; he is unrighteous at the core and needs a righteousness not his own.
Then, if this is the foundation of our evangelism, the truth of our condition and the offer of a new life in Christ and the setting free from the slavery to the old creation, we have begun to set a true foundation for those who would come to Christ. Those who come and surrender themselves to Him, will see why it is that they must lose the fleshly nature governed by self, and will want to. They will see that coming to Christ is not about what I am at all and never, ever could be. It is about a gift of profound love and grace, offered freely to those who will surrender the whole of themselves to him and receive HIS LIFE, in place of their death: who will receive spiritual sight, in place of their blindness; who will know Him Who is the way for them; they will obtain a righteousness, not their own, but that which is perfect in Christ. The true salvation is all found in Christ alone.

This is why it must be the Lord’s own work in a heart to open our eyes to the truth. No man can do that. We can share the truth of Him as the Lord opens the door, but only He can make it real and living.

Barbara Hemig