The American president will announce his policy on the Iranian nuclear issue and the agreement with the superpowers. Last week he said: “We must put an end to Iran’s aggression and its nuclear ambitions”

US President Donald Trump will announce his new strategy on the Iranian nuclear issue and an agreement between the two powers on Friday . According to White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

During a meeting with US military leaders at the White House last week, Trump hinted at Iran that “this may be the calm before the storm.” The President made it clear that the Islamic Republic should not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. “The Iranian regime supports terror and exports violence, bloodshed and chaos throughout the Middle East, so we must put an end to Iran’s continuing aggression and its nuclear ambitions,” he said.

Trump’s remarks will be the first step in deciding whether to renew the sanctions on the country whose nuclear program has been frozen since 2015. Trump’s position on the issue is contrary to the positions of France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China, which also sign the agreement that the International Atomic Energy Agency Iran.

In his speech at the UN General Assembly, Trump said that the agreement was “bad” and called it “embarrassment to the United States . ” However, it is not yet clear what the president will recommend to Congress on the sanctions on October 15. If the agreement is not ratified, the Congress will decide within 60 days how to act on the matter and the sanctions that were removed upon the signing of the agreement – will be returned. In accordance with  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks in the UN plenum that presented the “fix it or cancel it” approach, Trump’s party is considering legislation that will toughen the terms of the agreement.