A US General on Tuesday revealed that ISIS are being exterminated at a rate that is unsustainable as they cannot replace dead jihadists quicker than they are being killed, with more than 45,000 killed by coalition air strikes up to August last year.

“We are killing Daesh (ISIS) at a rate that they simply can’t sustain,” said Major General Rupert Jones, deputy commander for the Combined Joint Task Force coalition.

“The enemy cannot sustain the attrition that they are suffering and therefore they lose terrain, they lose battles.”

“The inevitability of their destruction just becomes really a matter of time,” he said, adding that the group’s leadership was now focused on little more than survival.

The coalition estimates that the number of IS fighters in Iraq and Syria is at its lowest level in more than 2.5 years, with the group having lost 62 percent of the territory it once controlled in Iraq and 30 percent in Syria, Reuters explained.

“The big idea that Daesh were putting out there, the kind of glamor … has been exposed for what it is, it is a lie,” he said. “They recognize that what you are actually signing yourself up to is going to live under a brutal regime.”