US President Donald Trump ‘s statement on the new strategy with the Iranian government on Friday published a document detailing the administration’s approach to Washington, saying it would focus on neutralizing the influence of the Iranian administration, Especially on its support for terrorism, and will fight against Iran’s missile threat and nuclear capability. “The time has come for the entire world to join us in demanding that the Iranian government end its pursuit of death and destruction,” the White House said. The agreement by the US will bring it to an end. ”

The new and tougher stance of the US administration stems from Trump’s perception of the nuclear deal, which he called “the worst.” According to him, the agreement as it is now will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Ahead of the speech, the Iranian parliament speaker said that the US position would lead to global chaos and added that if Tehran withdrew it would be the end of the agreement, adding that Tehran hoped Tehran would help resolve the crisis.

"We will act against the Iranian regime" (Reuters)
“We will act against the Iranian regime” (Reuters)

The document states that the Americans will renew their traditional alliances and regional partnerships as barriers to Iranian subversion in order to restore a stable balance of power in the region. “We will work to deprive the Iranian regime of funding, especially the Islamic Revolution Guards,” the statement said. “The Revolutionary Guards are squeezing the richness of the Iranian people.”

US toughens positions in Iran (press tv)
US toughens positions in Iran (press tv)

“We will fight threats against the US and its allies against ballistic missiles and other asymmetrical weapons,” the document said, adding that the White House said they would gather the international community in their fight against the Revolutionary Guards who commit gross violations of human rights, .

Because of fears of a unilateral renunciation of the nuclear deal by President Trump, US Congressional officials have begun to draft tougher legislation against Iran that could replace the treaty. Under the proposal, drafted by Senators Bob Korker and Tom Cotton of the Republican Party, the legislation will address the shortcomings of the nuclear deal.

They said Congress would be able to increase economic sanctions against Iran automatically if Tehran achieves the capability of developing nuclear weapons within a year, a time known as a “breakthrough point” for the nuclear program. In this case, if the proposal passes, the restrictions on Iran will be tougher and the control will increase.