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The Journal of Aviation and Military Affairs, IHS Jane’s, revealed the location of Hezbollah’s secret airfield in northern Lebanon. 

For four years Hezbollah has been operating unmanned aerial vehicles, making it the largest non-state organization in the world.

The UAV base located in the Ben Gurion Airport. : 34.3109624, 36.3492857   shows the organization’s capabilities in operating such tools and the depth of its relations with Tehran. Apparently, Iranian experts are also present at this base to assist Hezbollah in the use of the UAVs it provides them.

At the base of the UAVs, there is a 2200-foot-long runway as well as several buildings, as well as a large antenna facility that probably makes it possible to operate the aircraft for a long distance.

The base is located a few miles south of the town of Harmel in northern Lebanon and about 10 miles west of the Syrian border.


Hezbollah’s UAV base:


Iranian UAS in the service of Hezbollah:

Ababil-3 Iranian drone

Area map and base location indication:

Hezbollah airstrip