Hours before President Trump’s expected announcement of Iran, the White House issued a document declaring that “we will act against the threat of ballistic missiles and act to deprive it of funding for its operations.” Iranian parliament speaker: US will lead to chaos

Amit Oldmn | News 2 | Published 13/10/17 12:00 

– US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that the new strategy would focus on neutralizing the influence of the Iranian government in particular “The speaker of the Iranian parliament said that the US position would lead to global chaos, adding that Tehran hoped Russia would help resolve the crisis.

 The White House also said that they would renew their traditional alliances and regional partnerships as barriers to Iranian subversion in order to restore a stable balance of power in the region. “We will act to deprive the Iranian regime of funding, especially the Islamic Revolutionary Guards,” the statement said. “The Revolutionary Guards are squeezing the richness of the Iranian people.”

“We are fighting threats against the United States and its allies against ballistic rams and other asymmetric weapons,” the document said, adding that the White House said they would gather the international community in their fight against the Revolutionary Guards who commit gross violations of human rights, The document.