The cross is…the power of God. (I Cor. 1:18)



The Cross is the power of God. But in what sense? The Cross is the power of God over the old creation, and thus, Satan. That is because the Cross brought an end to the old through death, thus breaking it’s power over those who are raised anew in Christ.

The Cross is not new life. But it ended the old life.

The Cross broke the power — not the presence or possibility — of the old man of sin. But not to leave us in death. It is through being raised in Christ — joined to Him in spirit — that we receive His life.

If we abide in Christ by faith, this Truth is proven true: The power of the old nature is broken. In Christ there is the power of His resurrection.

When Adam sinned, the earth was brought under a curse — this means that the earthy or natural realm fell under that curse. The god of that earthly realm is Satan. But that part of man’s makeup which is earthly is also part of that fallen realm. This is why Satan has access to man since the fall through the earthly or natural in us all.

When Jesus died on the Cross He bore in His body the Adam race. Thus, Adam died in Christ. So if I come to Christ and take my place in His death — I am also raised in Him.

Thus, I am spiritually raised up out from the old earthly realm over which Satan rules — but I am joined to the Lord in spirit; born anew of the Spirit – a new creation.

The death and resurrection of Christ delivers us from the power of the realm of Satan – the earthly — UNTO the new. The Cross is the gateway – it is the first step and the power of God unto that end.