With creation completed the Hebrew text emphasizes finishing, blessing, and sanctifying (setting apart, making holy). That is, God completed and blessed His creation. With creation and making from His creation over all future development on earth would be pro-creation since creation had ceased. The text says that God rested. In Hebrew this is Shabbat and it is used as a verb as in ceasing activity. Later in Exodus it will be used as a noun when the Law was given at Sinai to include the Sabbath.


This word means to cease, desist or rest. It also means to put and end to. It simply is used here to refer to the seventh day when God ceased His creative efforts. There is no command in the passage, which refers to “observe this day.” Some teach this but it is not in the text and the Hebrew does not command a rest or even imply that humankind should observe a rest. The first covenant, the Edenic Covenant also contains no commandment to keep the seventh day. This covenant which is the instruction to Adam and Eve, launched mankind in a direct relationship with God. The text simply says that God ceased His activity.