Published on Jun 2, 2016

In this video Dr Woodhead discusses the Adamic covenant is unconditional in which God declared to Adam what man’s life would be like now that sin is in the world. The conditions of this covenant will exist until the Kingdom Age (Romans 8:21). There is no appeal and there are no human conditions or responsibility involved. The outcome of the arrangement is entirely based on God and His sovereign control. Mankind has no personal activity immediately assigned such as if you do this then I God will do that. Elements of the covenant are the cursing of the serpent used by Satan (Genesis 3:14; Romans 16:20; 2 Corinthians 11:3, 14; Revelation 12:9), and the promise of a Redeemer (Genesis 3:15). We see in both of these prophecies in the advents of Christ.
Prior to the fall, woman’s position in comparison to the man’s was subordinate due to Adam’s divinely ordained headship. After the fall firmer headship was invested in man due to woman’s responding to the serpent. The multiplied sorrow and pain of women in childbirth and motherhood is also mentioned. Man would henceforth earn his living by sweat (Genesis 2:15); man’s life would now be filled with sorrow and ultimate death (Genesis 3:19; Ephesians 2:5). The most significant curse was the spiritual death, which Adam and Eve experienced “on the day they ate of the fruit.” A flaming cherub was placed as a testimonial to the restriction of the covenant.