Published on Jun 2, 2016

In this video Dr Woodhead discusses how God begins to address the woman and He starts with a discussion of her state during childbirth. There might have been some discomfort associated with the birth of a child in the original state, into which the woman was created but now, that would be painful. Additionally, her ability to conceive would be monthly as now indicated by her menstrual cycle. Previously that would be less frequent. Some believe that since she along with Adam were created to live forever that the need for frequent offspring to populate the earth was not needed. The fullness of the earth’s population could be accomplished over a longer period of time if it was to exist forever. Now with a terminal time period for the earth’s existence the need to fill it would of necessity be at a more rapid rate.
Here God affirms that her childbirth experience would be painful. While the man was to have dominion over her she would be comforted in that peaceful secure relationship. Now she would desire to usurp his leadership role.